Carolyn Faulkner Collaboration

Cover Reveal for my next book that I collaborated with Carolyn Faulkner. This comes out just in time for Halloween! So excited.

Cimmy Monroe had a fascination with the Old West that bordered on obsession. She’d seen every Western ever made—and those with spankings in them more times than she could count. When she visits a ghost town in Arizona that had been turned into a living exhibit, she was in Heaven.

But she didn’t stay there long—awakening one morning to find a man in her room who seemed to think it was the nineteenth century, that she was a lady of the evening, and who, she discovered quickly as bullets flew past her head, was a disgraced Texas Ranger who was on the run from the law himself.

It didn’t take long for Cimmy to discover that she wasn’t dreaming, she hadn’t lost her mind, but that she had indeed traveled back in time—1880 to be exact.

There was something about this odd woman that tickled Jude Buchanan’s mind. She wasn’t like anyone he’d ever met, and although he’d found her asleep in the bed of a known prostitute, in the middle of a brothel, he’d known the evidence first hand that she was special. And he immediately wanted more, wanted to lay claim to her as his own, to bring her to those dizzying heights again and again, and to show her who was in charge when she needed it. Which, with such a stubborn wench, seemed to be multiple times a day.

Alta Hensley and Carolyn Faulkner join forces for the first time to weave this erotic time travel romance that will have readers fantasizing to be captured in time…and captured by love.

My New Home has a new home. Actually, it's more like returning home. Back in 2010 I began my writing career and was a proud user of blogspot. I knew how to use it. I tracked my hits like an obsession. I did blog tours, bloghops, blog visits, and had plenty of guests.

Then one day I decided I was swamped in writing, work and life. I thought it would be best to just have a simple website and be more legit. So I bought and decided to hire someone to make a page for me. It was all through Wordpress. Well...I hated it (not the website, just Wordpress). I never got the hang of things, and never really visited the site. Updating it became a chore, and well, you get the idea.

So I decided to move back to Blogger. I THINK I will be happy here. It wasn't an easy move, and my site is a work in progress, but I am home. Hello Blogger. Alta Hensley has returned home!