New Release Hits #1 in Victorian Erotica

In less than 24 hours, Little Secrets hit #1 in Victorian Erotica. I couldn't be more pleased.

Philip Hartley runs an elite finishing school, the Ashby Chateau, which turns young women to perfectly submissive little ones. He has been avid with discretion, ensuring that only those worthy and with a recommendation have the chance to become part of this world.
When Charley Lockwood, a journalist for the local paper begins snooping around the chateau, he catches a glimpse of a young woman in a dress far too scandalous to be legal. His curiosity and arousal strike him with a heavy heart as he desires to know more about the girl in the yellow dress.
Eliza Stead was brought to the Ashby Chateau by her betrothed, desiring to teach her to submit and become little. His days visiting her grow shorter, and she suspects his interest in her is waning. With the need to continue her education or be forced to return home unwed, she must find a papa that loves her and is willing to marry her and pay her tuition. 

Will his desire for the truth ruin her life at the Ashby? Can Charley accept the world he has stepped into without destroying it?

Cover Reveal- The Slave Huntsman

Look what is coming soon!!! December 20, 2016.

Men rule, women submit. Nothing else. Master and slave is the way of the universe—the only way.

Sparrow of Amaya flees from her master, travelling the voyage lines in the hopes of finding freedom. Having escaped the clutches of one man, she refuses to fall victim to another. She will never be owned, possessed or mastered by anyone. Never.

At least… not willingly.

Atlas of Matiz is a Slave Huntsman; hired to bring Sparrow back to her master safe and untouched. She is a slave and nothing more. At least that is what he tells himself, as this slave, one who belongs to another, pushes him past all limits…

In a world of forced dominance and submission, can Sparrow find freedom while her heart, soul, and body are being conquered by The Slave Huntsman?

Publisher's note: This book contains elements of dubious consent, severe punishment and explicit erotic scenes. If such material offends you, please do not purchase.